Carbon Fiber Gaffs
Carbon Fiber Gaffs
Carbon Fiber Gaffs
Carbon Fiber Gaffs
Carbon Fiber Gaffs
Carbon Fiber Gaffs

Carbon Fiber Gaffs

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Our standard series carbon fiber gaffs are ultralight, float, extremely rigid for ultimate control of the gaff shot, and provide durability with killer looks!

Now available with 2” or 3” Gap 316 Stainless Steel Tiller Fabrication Hooks or Winthrop Tackle hooks. Carbon Fiber is considerably lighter than aluminum, stronger, and much easier to handle. Each model floats if lost overboard for easy retrieval!  We stand behind our products and offer a 2 year warranty.


  • 3/4" diameter handle made from multiple layers of high strength unidirectional carbon fiber pre-preg with a 3K 2 x 2 twill fabric weave on the exterior.
  • Available in 6’, and 8’ IGFA Legal Lengths.
  • Available with 2” or 3” Gap Tiller Fabrication 316 Stainless Steel J Hooks Or Winthrop Tackle 2” or 3” HD 316 SS Hooks.
  • Ideal for fish up to 100 lbs.
  • 3 times stronger than aluminum of the same size yet 1/4 of the weight.
  • These gaffs float.
  • Equipped with tuna cord grips.
  • Rigid for precise control and accuracy when gaffing and lifting big and small fish over the gunwale. 
  • This type of carbon fiber offers greater stress, shock, and fatigue properties when compared to aluminum handle gaffs.
  • The textured finish on the handle offers a natural non slip grip when choking down on the gaff handle while lifting fish over the gunwale.
  • Made in the USA
  • Standard two year warranty covers carbon fiber blank breakage or cracking.