L.T. Marine Dart Retention System

Picture this scenario:

Picture this scenario: you are standing in the cockpit at the gunwale holding the harpoon getting ready to throw it. You’re moving to the left and the right trying to stay out of the way of the leader man and the angler fighting the fish, all the while holding the harpoon in the strike position trying to get the right angle on the fish to ensure you hit your target when you throw that harpoon.

In this critical stage of the end game you have to be ready to throw the harpoon in a split second. Lets face it, a large tuna, shark, or swordfish won't stop moving for a long enough period of time and roll over sideways to give you that perfect angle for you to stick it.  What happens at that critical point in time when you have that window of opportunity to harpoon the fish and harpoon dart falls off the shaft due to slack in the harpoon line? What happens if you throw the harpoon, miss your target and while retrieving the harpoon the dart pops off the shaft? You have to waste critical time to reset the harpoon dart on your dart shaft and potentially miss opportunities to strike.

L.T. Marine solved this age old problem of darts fitting loosely and falling off dart shaft with our Patent Pending Harpoon Dart Retention system. The Harpoon Dart Retention System keeps the harpoon dart fixed to the harpoon dart shaft and prevents the harpoon dart from accidentally falling off the shaft under all circumstances. The system incorporates wear and environmental resistant o-rings, and a specially machined dart shaft. As the harpoon dart engages the dart shaft, the O-rings on the shaft engage the internal bore in the harpoon dart. The engagement is firm enough to prevent inadvertent release of the dart and fragile enough to allow disengagement of the dart from the shaft after the harpoon dart has engaged a fish.

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 (The harpoon dart retention system was designed and developed by Laurel Tool & Engineering Company and is patent pending to Laurel Tool & Engineering Co., Inc. L.T. Marine Engineering is a subdivision of Laurel Tool & Engineering Co.,Inc.)